The ‘Sweet Science’

Boxing is Monday and Wednesdays at 6pm

From prizefighters to beginners, boxing has retained its popularity across all groups. Boxing can be traced to as far back as the Ancient Greeks and featured in the first Olympics. Known as the ‘Sweet Science’, the skills and courage displayed by the best boxers in the world have always remained the same. This combat sport will challenge your body, mind and spirit—the most successful fighters are not only tough but also intensely tactical.

At BEAST, we offer pathways for all levels of fighters from novice to professional.

Our tailored training programs are run by experienced former fighters and meticulous fitness and strength coaches. From management, coaching and promotion to diet, weight control, strength, conditioning and mental preparation, you’ll get the best possible support.

BEAST boxing programs are offered in professional, safe and clean facilities.

We offer all levels of club sparring and 6-8 week mapping of fight camp. As well as focusing on fighters’ strengths and weaknesses, we also believe in mastering the basics, living the purity of the sport and keeping up to date with new techniques and innovations.

Put on your gloves and get in the ring for a thrilling bout of hand-to-hand combat

Start your boxing journey today with BEAST!