Kicking and punching

Kick boxing is 6pm on Tuesday and Thursday Nights.

A modern martial arts classic, kickboxing is a stand-up combat sport combining fun, fitness, self-defense and lightning-fast instinct. With roots in 1960s Japan, kickboxing has taken on a life of its own with widespread popularity and cultural impact. Its kicking and punching repertoire draws from traditional fighting styles such as Karate and Muay Thai. Kickboxing classes cover everything from basic technique through to more advanced drills.

At BEAST, our kickboxing classes offer high-intensity workouts for all ages and abilities.

You’ll love training under the supervision of our professional team featuring both current and former fighters. After just a couple of sessions, you can expect improved endurance, strength and conditioning as well as enhanced mental agility.

Our dynamic sessions include body weight exercises, pad work and punching and kicking drills.

We challenge and develop your fighting stamina, speed, coordination and flexibility. This quality workout for both body and mind is guaranteed to boost your confidence.

Come and experience our kickboxing sessions for yourself!

Whatever your skill or experience level, everyone is welcome.